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Oh well, it doesn’t matter if I am not a playable character in smash, as long as I am the healthiest in the mushroom kingdom because of my sport habits! WAH HA HA HA!
Comment from : Waluigi

Smithsonian smith
Awesome And cool!
Comment from : Smithsonian smith

Whoa matpat wanna go waluigi is the hottest and thickest Mario character
Comment from : Kracken78

Drakestophet Jackson
watch the full video
Comment from : Drakestophet Jackson

Drakestophet Jackson
Comment from : Drakestophet Jackson

Drakestophet Jackson
HACK HACK not jumpman HACK
Comment from : Drakestophet Jackson

cami sly
I knew Luigis ballon world I got super Mario odesy for Christmas that year
Comment from : cami sly

John Reid
Earthbound reference around the hight of mario
Comment from : John Reid

The start of this video didn’t age well.
Comment from : Batstar10

Sylveon Ribbon Uwu
MatPat: Please don’t sew the merch to your cat
Me: holding thread ... heck

Comment from : Sylveon Ribbon Uwu

Connor Lynn
Comment from : Connor Lynn

dill cipher
Waluigi is tied with a goddess
Waluigi is our.God ALL HAIL WAHHHHH

Comment from : dill cipher

i am a great ape
shouldn't you account for the large amount of muscle mass in marios legs?
Comment from : i am a great ape

Airplane 64
Hey, Robert Wadlow died right here in Manistee, Michigan! I live there! And I touched his SHOE, AND ITS HUGE!!!
Comment from : Airplane 64

william wickizer
Comment from : william wickizer

william wickizer
Comment from : william wickizer

youtube chicken
Ok so you know how he said mario (in costume) crashed one of the livestreams?
That means a person he belives is a sociopath just crashed his stream.

Comment from : youtube chicken

hi boi
The BMI is boosh it says people like the rock is obese
Comment from : hi boi

Kissasheep the Chalk
Rosalina was top tier in smash 4 does that count?
Comment from : Kissasheep the Chalk

Tablet Aussendienst
Hi waluigi
Comment from : Tablet Aussendienst

Fuchsia Crayon
Maybe Waluigi is Rosalina’s dad
Comment from : Fuchsia Crayon

Gutiar Face
Bmi is lazarbeams fortnite outro
Music is what i mean

Comment from : Gutiar Face

Scott Playz
Wait a minute if Mario was 5’1 I would be taller than him woah
Comment from : Scott Playz

Rae Of An Angel
But then Scott made another game 😑
Comment from : Rae Of An Angel

Korea Boo
This has nothing to do with the video, but I saw integral of a derivative in the math formulas and started sobbing inside. Great theories though, keep it up.
Comment from : Korea Boo

Jack Jones
Remember when MatPat thought warriors was 10 ft tall?
Comment from : Jack Jones

Battle Burrito
11:03 Local TF2 nerd notices that Wario weighs the same as the heavy's minigun [insert cringy photoshop of the heavy holding Wario]
Comment from : Battle Burrito

Super Gabox
Girls: I only like guys who are 6ft tall
Waluigi: WAHHHHH
Waluigi number 1!

Comment from : Super Gabox

villainous broccoli
I'm spending the last 30 minutes of 2019 eating ribs and watching game theory. YEAR WELL SPENT!
Comment from : villainous broccoli

Cly Marin
Matpat Luigi: mamma miaaaaa

Comment from : Cly Marin

Tsunami flog
Comment from : Tsunami flog

Kailynn Hernandez
MatPat says FNAF is over.
You poor sweet boi... you didn’t know what was coming...

Comment from : Kailynn Hernandez

Sergio Hyper
Comment from : Sergio Hyper

No o
Title: Waluigi is number 1!
Well that's no surprise

Comment from : No o

sumer mccurdy
That intro tho
Comment from : sumer mccurdy

No U
We already knew that waluigi was number 1
Comment from : No U

Yeah sorry that stupid oversite by you on a different episode ruinec this one for me, but i still think your right about sans/ness
Comment from : Onesowndemon

Again, rosalina is her mom, not daughter
Comment from : Onesowndemon

Harout Mkhitaryan
When GT don’t show Manute Bol or George Mursan
Comment from : Harout Mkhitaryan

Vinícius de A Batista
Bean here after the waluigi's rap rant on smash
Comment from : Vinícius de A Batista

Uncut YT
Straight up one thing (check the replies for the others) is that scott cawthon is literally tring to make game theory wrong (this is strictly a joke(dont attack me))
Comment from : Uncut YT

MexicanUnicorn4848 OwO
I was today years old when i learned my old Nintendo game boy color doesn't work anymore and i cant play Donkey kong Country
Comment from : MexicanUnicorn4848 OwO

Mickey the Godfather
They're all T-posing on us
Comment from : Mickey the Godfather

Linda Harshfield
Your Mario is a another hite
Comment from : Linda Harshfield

Albina Nuli 18SAA
Dont feel like watching the whole video. How long is Mario? :(
Comment from : Albina Nuli 18SAA

Hanzo Main
Yao ming is actually 7'11"
Comment from : Hanzo Main

Ginger Sky
at 10:40 i actually thought i had a virus on my computer lol
Comment from : Ginger Sky

Alaina Staton
Is he canonically 5’1” or 5’11”??? In a later video, when you measured the real life Mario on a live stream, he was 5’11” did you forget about this video MatPat?
Comment from : Alaina Staton

Janella McBirde
Just try to calculate Bowser's normal height. (I'd say he's taller than Waluigi and everyone else in the Mushroom Kingdom.)
Comment from : Janella McBirde

DraCommics •
MP: “and recently I finally put one of those to rest!”
Lunatic game maker: hold my pixels

Comment from : DraCommics •

Sassy But not so classy
Notice how peach and “her daughters” weight is the same but just switched 🤔
Comment from : Sassy But not so classy

link, by the way, is around 212 pounds. (96.5 Kg.)
Comment from : BurnV06

Meme Team
Sooo... Matpat how's the baby?
Comment from : Meme Team

Castle of Fiction
Let us sing his racing anthem.....

Comment from : Castle of Fiction

James Linn
11:59 that's fortnight music
Comment from : James Linn

I love you Mattpat but your Mario theories are stupid and don’t make sense
Comment from : Greafe

Platinum Factor
I thought wario was ten feet tall
Comment from : Platinum Factor

Aaron Stark
Mat pat: Waluigi can you tutor rosalina

Waluigi: fineeeeeeee

Comment from : Aaron Stark

Tobias Pause
Soo, the girl who stays in rooms the entire time and eats cake is underweight, and the Hero running and jumping through worlds only eating mushrooms and flowers is overweight. ... Legit.
Comment from : Tobias Pause

How is that a secret
Comment from : Waluigi

The Claimed
love matpat's theroy on rosealina
Comment from : The Claimed

kkat pon
how much of Waluigi is just leg I need this knowledge for science
Comment from : kkat pon

BMI doesn't account for muscle.
Comment from : Rhinopocalypes

Joyce Villareal-Nodado
Comment from : Joyce Villareal-Nodado

Layla Gorman
Waluigi is the definition of "Legs for days"
Comment from : Layla Gorman

willliam george
He swapped 1 monkey for another monkey. FNAF for Mario's true height.
Comment from : willliam george

Where’s toad?
Comment from : ElementalSamurai

Desi De Rata
A... Buch
Comment from : Desi De Rata

Screaming Nerd
Comment from : Screaming Nerd

Brandon Hu
Not unsubing because the weight is zero. I'm unsubing because your baby model is a boss baby model. That movie wasted an hour and a half of my life and does not deserve to exist. For gosh shake, just make a good movie, illumination.
Comment from : Brandon Hu

Nym 2867
Watching this in the end of 2019 when FNAF has changed again.. find his proclamation of ‘I SOLVED IT!’ Funny haha
Comment from : Nym 2867

princess peach Daisy Rosalina Pauline or sisters but there's eight sisters they're all princesses but I don't know the rest of them
Comment from : DJGP 64

Torchic 412
What if they meant it to be mario Meters it starts with M
Comment from : Torchic 412

Sophie Olson
Comment from : Sophie Olson

Angel Cake
mAMa MiIaAaAaaAa
Comment from : Angel Cake

I thought you meant Luigi ;)
Comment from : AidanIsAwesome

me myself
italian indignant noises
Comment from : me myself

7:48 and yoshi
Comment from : Poke-Eevee

Dom the Bomb
A nice simple theory idea like this could he determine their ages.
Comment from : Dom the Bomb

iloveanimation boy
do zelda height vid
Comment from : iloveanimation boy

J Morris
Take care of them dam kids we can wait
Comment from : J Morris

J Morris
Comment from : J Morris

Comment from : SouthWestScott

Giga Boi
Nintendo: how do we get matpat off our back
Ah ha

Comment from : Giga Boi

lol face_9
Nonsense we all now wario is 10 feet tall
Comment from : lol face_9

Rodri G
If “Mario and Luigi _Bowser’s inside history_” taught me anything, is that the adrenaline in Bowser’s body can change his height. He can even become giant in some occasions
Comment from : Rodri G

Rodri G
Are you sure that they are real world meters and not mushroom kingdom meters?
Comment from : Rodri G

That Random Nerd
I'm getting a lot of Deja :-\ from this video... Don't know why
Comment from : That Random Nerd

Darian Kimberly
Wario is stated at 308 lbs in a manual
Comment from : Darian Kimberly

Cole Ring
5:44. Well there you have it, now it all makes senes!.

That must be why in Mario odyssey there's a rare chance of the
Odyssey's 🌎 to play a music box chime version of Rosellina's
Theme song endsted of the song Pauline sings when I jump on it,

Of course! 😅

Comment from : Cole Ring

Sean Dewley
The BMI Index is best used to measure the weight of large and general populations, not individuals. Also, it doesn't take into account fat vs. muscle.
Comment from : Sean Dewley

CTop2 Lofton
Actually there’s a person who is named the British giant wall called the British giant who stood at 9 feet and 11 inches tall
Comment from : CTop2 Lofton

Greyboyz 03
Lmao was listening to wallelujah just a minute ago XD
Comment from : Greyboyz 03

Matthew Titterington
Rosalina is extra thicc
Comment from : Matthew Titterington

low creation mcgowan
When Halloween just ended and yoy see sprite cranberry commercials up
Comment from : low creation mcgowan

Screw It
Scott : and I finished making a new FNAF game,

Comment from : Screw It

Matthew Bergeron
People who purely judge healthiness by BMI are completely incorrect. BMI is a tool in which doctors can vaguely assess dietary habbits, without any knowledge of genetics, bone density, and muscle mass. Not being in the "healthy" range for BMI is very common and not something to be terribly scared of. Truth is that the science behind BMI is very dated, and in the current day only acts a simple guideline about potentially avoiding health issues in the future. The most important thing to consider is the quality of life. Just do what makes you happier, like working out? Cool go do that. I might die earlier but il be happy lol
Comment from : Matthew Bergeron

Daniel Loves Art
I hope you realise Waluigi isn't even a nintendo original character. They took him from some where.
Comment from : Daniel Loves Art

n99cents m
I am so underweight. Please give me a cheese burger and slow my metabolism.
Comment from : n99cents m

Cameron Ford
8:41 Yes
Comment from : Cameron Ford

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