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a cat
BMI is an inferior measurement tool when compared to height/waist ratio.
I find it deeply concerning that BMI still holds any credence in medicine when a simple, more accurate metric is readily available. Using all of the same tools.

Comment from : a cat

battle hardened
High metabolism life
Comment from : battle hardened

Hunter Isaac
I'm a little into the overweight spectrum because I'm 6-1 and 215. But I'm relatively muscular and most of my fat is on my legs and belly. Your build can affect it, you each person that uses it will know if they're an outlier, or they have an excess of fat. Christ people are dumb. Sometimes its misleading sure. but in general a good guide.
Comment from : Hunter Isaac

Dickbeard the Merciless
for some reason this video isnt appearing in the uploads section on your channel
Comment from : Dickbeard the Merciless

This is why you have to take everything Steven says with a grain of salt. He talks off his own agenda instead of fact checking
1. Japan does not have any obesity problems, they even had a fat tax for a while.
2. BMI is only useful for kids, bodyfat % is a way better indication of health as you can be some super jacked bodybuilder but BMI will say you're obese. Similarly, you can be skinnyfat like Steven and appear normal.

Comment from : Aesthetic

Dennis Hyle
5'6 , 150 lbs , 9 % bodyfat checking in.
Comment from : Dennis Hyle

I went from 17 to 22 bmi in the past 18 months FeelsGoodMan
Comment from : William

hold on, destiny is back at sc2 ?
Comment from : tes041

Hawkeye Gough
BMI is a part of the measuring but it isn't really accurate just on its own
Comment from : Hawkeye Gough

Sean Mail
But I wanted to know how that cannon rush ended..
Comment from : Sean Mail

"why do you take things so personal?"

You've got to love just how blind people are to the broad range of human emotion, to the point where it's as clear as day that they don't possess a single empathetic cell in their entire body.

Literally, your chat is [mostly] made up of sociopaths, +Destiny :( lol

Comment from : IronPandemonium

you are a fat lard
Comment from : Dbars19

Jinsung Hwang
Fat People Triggered
Comment from : Jinsung Hwang

Nathan Shih
hey destiny do some SCP reads
Comment from : Nathan Shih

Gabriel Esteves
Just because the not-average gym rat with some muscle on will not fit in the BMI it doesn't mean it's not a good parameter for large studies. BMI is not an individual parameter, but a populational one
Comment from : Gabriel Esteves

BMI is a terrible way of measuring "healthy" weight, but I guess it can tell you if you're fat? But most people know anyway. BMI is a useless metric.
Comment from : Ifailatlife1991

Maya Reinhartz
Is this a reupload or had jewelwheeled uploaded it before?
Comment from : Maya Reinhartz

Nico Legit
Comment from : Nico Legit

Oh he basically said that, this is why I shouldnt comment before watching
Comment from : GGZII

The reason people are fat is because it literally doesn't hinder us. If we needed to hunt to eat and survive or work, people wouldnt be fat. But frankly you can sit, be fat, have a 9-5 office job and buy at the greengrocers. I mean we are basically evolving lmao. Evolving to not giving a fuck because it isnt required.
Comment from : GGZII

Bmi is fine, it can be inaccurate tho. When I started losing weight I got to what BMI said was a healthy weight but was still overweight in terms of body fat. But i just had to lose 5-10 more pounds and I was fine.
Comment from : xealen

Iku Ze
It's hard to lose weight man I gotta like stop eating the good stuff I like to eat ugh what a chore.
Comment from : Iku Ze

IBM is pretty ok
Comment from : revolct

Max Schlüter
Destiny you realize that muscle weighs alot more than fat. At 100kg on 198cm of height Nathan Adrian ( www.nathanadrian.com/uploads/5/7/7/1/5771501/4492324_orig.jpg) is overweight :)
Comment from : Max Schlüter

Živa Ris
bmi says to me i'm normal but im clearly overweight. i should lose at least 5-6 kg. so when it tells me im normal its lying :P
Comment from : Živa Ris

Živa Ris
i love how a chumpy little fat belly destiny is telling ppl to lose weight. ill listen when he can do 15 real army pushups :P and bmi is quite bad, if you are anything but average. still lots of fat love ppl :P kisses
Comment from : Živa Ris

Matthew Tyree
Those are running backs, not linemen.
Comment from : Matthew Tyree

Matthew Tyree
Comment from : Matthew Tyree

is this a reupload
Comment from : Tetris_Chemist

somethings off. what is this game he is playing? PEPE
Comment from : Danny

Hahaha destiny I wish I knew you in real life man this shit gets me so triggered with people's autism
Comment from : B HB

19:25 here we go boys
Comment from : mattynomnom

O. H.
Quality upload. Jewel wheeled muh saviour.
Comment from : O. H.

Gabriel Esteves
people who say BMI is a bad metric have never studied anything serious related to health, epidemiology and nutrition
Comment from : Gabriel Esteves

Matthew Tyree
BMI is shit when you think about how it was made by a mathematician 200 years ago and doesn't actually count for muscle.
Comment from : Matthew Tyree

O. H.
I hope this video isn't Destiny saying BMI is shit. SWEATSTINY
Comment from : O. H.

Chad Nationalism
im 340 pounds, 6 foot tall and the BMI patriarchy says im obese with a 41 BMI.

i literally can't even, im so triggered right now.
im big and beautiful, no one can tell me otherwise

Comment from : Chad Nationalism

"please don't straw man me sir!" Destiny conducts himself with such grace and dignity! Good day!
Comment from : rocier

while obesity is a worldwide problem, america is the big frontrunner
Comment from : Krufaston

was here at 120 views.
Comment from : Jsp

>Find out inside!
wew, destiny has finally stooped to clickbait

Comment from : Hoboharry

Toaster Senf
Best part is 2:32 to 4:10
Comment from : Toaster Senf

Chad Nationalism
i just went to a BMI calculator, and i put in 6 foot at 230, and that is considered obese, BMI is a fucking joke
Comment from : Chad Nationalism

wow...starcraft memes
Comment from : MIRIAN

If you have muscle: no
If you're 'average': yes

Comment from : HJ GE

Comment from : CafeTerreur

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